The Well Teacher

The Well Teacher

Everything Teachers Need to Know to Be Well and Stay Well in the Classroom

The Well Teacher is a resource guide for teachers to identify wellness challenges and take more control of their health. The book includes custom and curated evidence-based content and interactive exercises to empower teachers through their wellness journey, supported by the team at Humanworks and approved by the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation and other educational associations across Canada.

This book provides teachers with practical tools to set goals, make positive changes and address their wellness needs

The Well Teacher chapters:

•  Teacher Wellness
•  Teacher Mental Health
•  Teacher Physical Health
•  Ergonomics in the Classroom
•  The Teacher Voice
•  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Teaching
•  Return to Work

The Well Teacher supports the key learning outcomes for The Well Teacher Program:

• The Well Teacher Groups
• The Well Teacher Book Club
• Wellness Workshops, Presentations + Keynote Speeches

The Well Teacher supports teacher wellness in the classroom

The Well Teacher Groups

Being a teacher today is not easy. The demands that educators face inside and outside the classroom make it difficult for many teachers to maintain their physical and mental health. Challenging classroom dynamics and supporting family and friends leave educators with little time to focus on their personal wellbeing.

The Well Teacher Groups is a group-based program offered online or in-person that provides educators the time and space to work with their colleagues and a trained wellness facilitator to work on their own wellness.


The Well Teacher Book Club

As you will learn through reading The Well Teacher, we believe there are two ways to become a well teacher: first, by changing the things you can personally control, and second, by creating a well teacher environment and support system. The more open, communicative, and empathetic the environment, the easier it is for everyone to achieve great wellness. Creating a Well Teacher Book Club is a great step toward that end.

Wellness Workshops
Presentations + Keynote Speeches

Humanworks provides dozens of Well Teacher wellness workshops, webinars, presentations, and keynote speeches each year across the country (in-person and virtual) within the whole education sector.


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The Well Teacher is available as both a printed book and e-book. It provides teachers in the K–12 system with valuable tips, tools, and information on how to improve personal wellbeing and address teacher wellness barriers.

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About the Author

Wade Repta, BHSc, OT, is an Occupational Therapist and Certified Disability Management Professional who has spent over 20 years working with teachers to help them minimize barriers and remain in the classroom. This work has allowed Wade to develop a unique understanding of the challenges facing teachers in today’s dynamic educational settings. Wade is the Vice President of Humanworks Consulting Group Inc., and he currently lives with his family in Parksville, BC

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