Who We Are


Humanworks has been dedicated to helping people improve their professional health, maintain a sustainable relationship with work, while enjoying meaningful personal lives.

Who We Are


Humanworks has been dedicated to helping people improve their health, reach full work potential, and live fulfilling and rewarding lives.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to assist professional educators in creating and maintaining sustainable professional lives. With over 25 years of experience working in the education sector, we have achieved this through personalized and comprehensive wellness initiatives. Through one-on-one contact with individuals, we address their unique professional wellness needs. We ensure our clients needs are met confidentially and at the highest level of standard.

Humanworks’ dedication to fostering greater awareness and understanding enables us to truly influence our clients’ futures in positive and expansive ways.

Our Story

Over the last 25 years, Humanworks has streamlined its professional focus and services to support the wellness of educators at all levels of the education system. We have worked with all employment groups within the system, from custodians to superintendents. Through our many years of experience, we have gained tremendous insight and understanding of how to remain well at work within any role of the education sector. We are a team of dedicated and caring professionals who are outcome-driven and client-centred focused.

We have carefully considered and patiently nurtured the evolution of Humanworks to ensure the roots of our professional organization are well established. We have maintained this approach throughout our growth, and our reputation in the marketplace and amongst industry leaders is highly regarded.

Looking forward, we continue to develop our professional practice and corporate culture to provide exceptional service to our referral partners. Our team of dedicated professionals serve educators at all levels within the education sector throughout British Columbia and across Canada. We believe that through our efforts, we can positively influence professional educators’ well being and help create a healthier education system for them to work within. We honour the dedication and commitment of the many professionals that deeply care about the students they work with and communities they grow. Like educators, we are intrinsically driven to provide service to others. It’s a way of being.

Our Team

Our people are our strength. We are a team of professionals with a wide range of specialized skills and training who work together to provide a complete package of consultancy services. Our team collaborate with individuals to inspire change through accessbile health and worklife solutions, with a focus on returning to optimum health.

Each person on our team plays a unique and critical role in the ongoing success of our organization. We employ a diverse group of professionals, with expertise in areas such as counselling, occupational therapy, kinesiology, vocational rehabilitation, administration, finance, human resources, and communications.

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