Meetu Dhaliwal, BA (HSc)

Meetu is the operations manager for Humanworks and Humanworks Press. She works closely with the president to maintain and oversee company operations. Meetu is a loyal and dedicated team member who brings a high level of standard and stability to Humanworks. She has been with the Humanworks team for over 10 years and has worked […]

Cindy Kam, BSc (OT), CVRP

Cindy is the Manager, Clinical Services for Humanworks. She is an occupational therapist and senior rehabilitation consultant. Cindy is an accomplished leader in the field of rehabilitation consulting, with over two decades of experience in disability case management and vocational rehabilitation having worked with numerous referral sources. Cindy has extensive experience leading the team of […]

Wade Repta, BHSc (OT), CDMP

Wade is the vice president of Humanworks, co-founder of Humanworks Press, and author of The Well Teacher. Wade is an occupational therapist and Certified Disability Management Professional who has worked with teachers and educators over 20 years to help them minimize barriers and remain working in the classroom. He has provided many years of clinical […]

Jack MacNeill, MEd (Couns. Psych.), RCC, CVRP, RRP

Jack is the founder and president of Humanworks and co-founder of Humanworks Press. In addition to being a business owner, Jack is a registered clinical counsellor and organizational counsellor with over 30 years experience. Jack supports all people he works with to make positive changes in their professional and personal lives. Jack has extensive experience […]

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