Meetu Dhaliwal, BA (HSc)

Meetu is Operations Manager for Humanworks and Humanworks Press. She works closely with the President to maintain and oversee company operations. She works with the entire Humanworks team, and provides operations and accounting support that is imperative to the functions of the company. Meetu received her Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser […]

Cindy Kam, BSc (OT), CVRP

Cindy is Manager, Clinical Services for Humanworks. She is an occupational therapist and senior rehabilitation consultant with over two decades of experience. She provides training and clinical support to the Humanworks rehabilitation consultants, and assesses and develops individualized treatment plans for injured individuals or those who have disabling health conditions. She also conducts ergonomic assessments, […]

Wade Repta, BHSc (OT), CDMP

Wade is the Vice President of Humanworks, co-founder of Humanworks Press, and author of The Well Teacher. He has provided many years of clinical support to Humanworks consultants, and continues to work with teachers throughout BC as part of the BC Teachers’ Federation Health and Wellness Program, and The Well Teacher Groups. Wade graduated with […]

Jack MacNeill, MEd (Couns. Psych.), RCC, CVRP, RRP

Jack is the founder and president of Humanworks and co-founder of Humanworks Press. He oversees and directs all the organization’s initiatives and manages all aspects of corporate operations. Jack is also the manager of the Early Intervention Program of the BC Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Association. Jack has extensive experience working in public and private sector […]

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