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Disability Management

Humanworks works with employees, unions, and employers to support employee wellness and to facilitate a successful and durable return to work. We assist employees to access appropriate wellness services, we support employee recovery, and we coordinate their return to work processes. At Humanworks we bring all stakeholders together when considering accommodation and employment options, and know the importance of taking a team approach for successful work management. We walk alongside our clients from illness/injury diagnosis to successful return to work, and know the important steps to take in between.

Wellness planning:

Improving wellness is the first step towards increasing function and return to work. We work with our clients and their support teams to assist with improving wellness and work readiness, and ensure they have a plan to maintain their wellness as they transition back to work.

Return to work planning:

No “cookie-cutter” return to work plans here. Our rehabilitation consultants work with all relevant stakeholders to ensure return to work plans are individualized and take into account the needs of everyone involved in order to ensure success with the return to work process.

Disability management consultation:

We know that not all businesses have established disability management and return to work processes. Humanworks’ consultants can help you support your staff and understand how best to manage disability in the workplace.

Duty to accommodate consultation:

Considering the employer’s duty to accommodate can seem daunting, we can make the concepts regarding accommodation easy to understand, and we can work with you and your employee to ensure the accommodation process is positive and productive for everyone.

Wellness education for employers:

Our experienced team can provide you, your managers, and/or your employees education on all disability, wellness, and work-related topics such as mental health (including specifics such as depression, anxiety, and burnout), addictions, physical health and ergonomics, duty to accommodate, and return to work planning. These sessions can be general or specific to your workplace in order to meet your needs.

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