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Wellness Education

Our experienced team can provide you, your managers, and/or your employees education on all disability, wellness, and work-related topics. These sessions can be general or specific to your workplace in order to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we can ensure you get the information and education you need in a way that is positive, informative, and interactive.


Topics include:

wellness education services


We can provide education that gives your employees time to consider their own wellness and how to better address their wellness with our self-assessment and goal-setting tools.

Mental Health

This can be general, specific to topics such as depression, anxiety, or burnout, or directly related to the potential mental health challenges encountered in your workplace.

Physical health and ergonomics

As with mental health this can be general or directly related to potential physical health and ergonomic challenges seen in your workplace.


This can be a discussion of the medical aspects of addiction, addiction in the workplace or addiction related to accommodation.

Duty to accommodate

Return to work planning

Environmental and multiple chemical sensitivity

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