“Humanworks was recommended to me by the British Columbia Principal and Vice Principal Association (BCPVPA). As the principal of a large school, meeting with the EIP consultant on a regular basis helped me establish a clear direction for the future. The EIP consultant was instrumental in helping me find my unique and authentic voice within a large and complex organization.

His dedication and commitment to our meetings and my wellbeing was apparent from the beginning of our work together. Today, I chuckle at the company’s name (Humanworks) as it was the consultant’s very human approach that was extremely meaningful for me. As I navigate through the complexities inherent in my work as a principal, I am reminded that we are a very human organization and relationships are key in our success and growth as educators.

I found my experience with Humanworks extremely valuable and believe others can benefit from their positive and collaborative approach. I give Humanworks my highest recommendation.”

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