“We are pleased to note our complete satisfaction with the level of professional services provided to us by the Humanworks group. This is a team with a high level of integrity and strong human values. The Humanworks group visited us in our facility in Melbourne, Australia. We were suffering from several decades of legacy management styles. Team morale was at a low and the working unit was relatively dysfunctional. The Humanworks consultant took control from the moment he arrived. He did independent interviews with all employees and a complete cultural evaluation. By having the Humanworks group on site, this alone provided the avenue to establish new relationships between the management team and a wide range of legacy employees.

I feel the cultural report provided by Humanworks is one that is the cornerstone from which we are beginning to rebuild our corporate culture. It has been one year since we received our cultural report and the morale and productivity of our team is one which we have not experienced in the past and I can only see it improving in to the future with Humanworks’ ongoing support.

I highly recommend to anyone who is considering improving their corporate culture to take the time and meet with the Humanworks group. You will not be disappointed.”

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